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Diving in Iceland


Iceland hosts some of the most unique dive sites in the world. Iceland is known for its dramatic landscape and fortunately, this is not limited to the surface. Underwater cracks, geothermal lakes and hydrothermal vents, as well as an abundant marine life, makes scuba diving in Iceland interesting for all divers.


Scuba diver in the Silfra Cathedral during a dive tour in Iceland

Diver ascending from the Silfra Cathedral

Iceland’s freshwater dive sites

Iceland is probably most famous for its extraordinary fresh water dive sites, including the fantastic Silfra fissure. Diving in Silfra is like nothing else you have ever experienced. You will be diving through 50 year old melt water from the glacier Langjökull. The water here is the purest and freshest water you will ever encounter anywhere in the world. Add to this that you are also diving right in between two tectonic plates, with visibility of over 100 meters

We offer dive tours to the following fresh water sites:  Silfra being the number one attraction with its crystal clear glacial water and amazing visibility. Kleifarvatn geothermal lake is an out of this world experience and Davíðsgjá in Thingvallavatn shares many of Silfras great features.


Diver exploring geothermeral formations in Kleifarvatn, on a scuba diving tour in Lake Kleifarvatn, Iceland

Diver in Lake Kleifarvatn watching the volcanic gas bubbles erupting from the lake floor

Ocean diving in Iceland

The ocean around the coasts of Iceland has diverse wildlife where you can expect to see a numerous species of marine organisms; fish, crabs, shellfish and other molluscs, marine mammals and a vast number of colorful algae. The top ocean dive sites in Iceland are Garður – a small fishing village in Reykjanes peninsula, Strýtan –a geothermal cone located just out of the town of Akureyri, El Grillo – a wreck of a British oil tanker from WW1 in eastern Iceland.


Diving in Strýtan North of Iceland

Diver enjoying the hot water at hydrothermal vent Strytan

Cold water diving

One thing that makes diving in Iceland stand out – the temperature of the water. The sea temperature around Iceland can vary greatly depending on the time of year as well as the location but the water rarely goes above 12° C during the summer, whereas the average temperature in the wintertime is around 2° C. Silfra’s temperature stays at 2-4 °C all year around which makes the visibility amazing all year round. Water temperature in Lake Kleifarvatn and Thingvallavatn ranges between 2 degrees is the winter, up to 12 degrees in the summer.  These numbers result in the fact that wetsuit dives in Iceland are a rare thing.


Diving tour in Iceland, scuba diver exploring the Silfra Fissure

Diver hovering in the Silfra Lagoon

Please contact us for private and custom made tours – we love what we do and are excited to get to share the Icelandic diving experience with others.


Amazing experience. Small group size. Memorable.
In comparison to the groups from the other company with had over 15 people per group, I was very glad I went with Scuba Iceland. The more personal attention and smaller ratio helped with the experience.

SingleWomanTravels – Jul 17, 2016