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Lake Thingvallavatn is the biggest natural lake in Iceland. It’s surface covers 84 km2 and reaches 114 meters in depth. Thingvallavatn is famous for its beautiful Arctic trout, the largest Brown Trout in the world and its impressive 85 million Three-Spined Sticklebacks! During the summer it is very common to sight all three species when diving here. The Arctic Char seem to be particularly friendly, and likes to swim in a distant circle around you.

Lake Thingvallavatn is partly located within the UNESCO heritage of Thingvellir national park, only a short drive from the world famous Silfra fissure. It is also part of the popular Golden Circle area.

Our Diving location in Thingvallavatn is called Davíðsgjá, a magnificent dive spot in the northeastern part of the lake. Davíðsgjá is a fissure, similar to Silfra, but deeper, longer and darker. While Silfra is accessible from shore, Daviðsgjá is located out in the lake and we have to dive in the lake  for about 12 minutes to reach the fissure. The fissure starts at a depth of 10 meters, and the bottom of the fissure is 30+ meters. It is quite popular among the local Icelandic divers.

The lake is frozen over in the winter, and therefore only accessible May-September (unless diving under the ice). The water temperature goes from +1 degree celsius in the winter to +10 degrees in the peak of the summer. The Davíðsgjá fissure is fed by glacial water and holds an all year round temperate on 2-4 degrees C. The visibility in the lake ranges from 5 – 20 meters. However deeper down in the fissure, visibility can reach 80+ meters on a good day!

diving davidgja in Iceland, diving lake thingvallavatn

Definitely a must-do
A truly unique and amazing experience! The guides were professional, organised and knowledgeable, and everything ran smoothly.

Samit K – May 29, 2016